My name is Ashleigh-Jade and Beyond paper Planes is the seedbed for many dreams. A simple starting point that is still in need of nourishment and consistency to reach its full potential. but just like any venture in life, it is a journey and a process so above all, I pray this is an online space where encouragement can be found and creativity unleashed far beyond the borders of my own life. 


This tiny space within the big world wide web first started off as a travel blog... which didn't last long as my natural tendency to sprinkle bits of creativity in to it and the odd "personal testimony" - and it was those post that always got the best response. So I notched up my levels of authenticity and found such joy in being vulnerable as I saw it inspire and encourage the readers of BPP. 

So here we are... A personal lifestyle blog, rooted in truth, exploring travel and sharing the many adventures I have had the privilege of experiencing. Always writing from a place of experience, only about that which I have some sort of authority in.   

If you're a fan of what you have read or seen on this space, please let me know! I love hearing from people who read my ramblings! Feedback, follows, likes and shares are also so deeply appreciated! Thank you! 

May you never lose your wonder, 

Ashleigh-Jade xxx