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The Year of Celebration, a Big Announcement +

The invitation from Paperless Post was more than just an invitation to partner with the brand… As I pondered what party or event I could host, my heart immediately reminded me of a dream I’ve been holding back on for YEARS, never feeling the timing or season was right, it remained on my one-day-i-will-do-this-list… but as I reflected through the detail I felt a strong sense of “now is the time”. This was an invitation for more, because it was an opportunity to carpe diem and to pursue a dream….

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World's Most Beautiful Sunset

I started writing this post a few years ago, and since, it has sat in the “drafts” folder awaiting a time such a this. In the seam of then and now, my fascination with the setting and rising sun has never left me. Often captivated by the beauty of light. Pondering what it is about the ‘first’ and ‘last’ glimpse of that fire in the sky that has us all in awe.

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