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The Durban, South Africa List


You might have just read my post "You're going to Durban (South Africa) for a week" If reading blogs isn't your strong point then this list will help you put together a rad week in Durban! Just a few hotspots and great things to see when you're in this lovely South African coastal city! Food: • Sage Cafe • Surf Riders Food Shack • RepubliKFarmer's Daughter  • Remo's Villaggio Italian Food • Spiga D'ora

Drink: • Tree Natural Wholesome health store with yummy smoothies, juices and coffee • Moyo Cocktails on the pier • Coffey And Cake A guide to Durban's TOP10 Coffee shops! • The Dutch Old school music and great drinks • Dropkick Murphy's bar/pub • Amsterdam rock bar

Sight Seeing: • Hluhluwe Umfolozi (Game Reserve - to see more/other options click here) • Midlands Meander • The Nelson Mandela Capture Site

Best Beaches: • The Golden Mile - any of the many beaches! • Bronze Beach (Umhlanga) • Granny's Pool (Umhlanga - great for floating/cool light house) • Umdloti Beach (Good surf) • Thompsons Bay (Cool rock pools)

Fun • B!G RUSH • uShaka Marine World Water theme park • Tiger Tiger  Dancing and pop music • iHeart Market First Saturday of every month • Origin Night Club • Gateway Shopping

Transport Uber! Unfortunately due to safety reasons I wouldn't recommend hopping in anything other than a private taxi! The Uber app works well and is the best, most affordable way of getting around Durban if you're not keen on hiring a car, which would be first prize! •Uber - Download the app here Local Talent • Gangs Of Ballet - Facebook • Majozi - Website • Campbell College - SoundCloud • The Subway Run - SoundCloud

Instagram • @cityofdurban • @shawnogulu • @hannaidek • @dane_forman

The Durban Lingo • Now now, just now, and now. They all mean very different things. • 'Naartjie' also known as Tangerine everywhere else in the world. • The Robots - The Traffic Lights. • 'Takkies' - everywhere else in the world, 'sneakers'. For more Odd Things South Africans say, this blog has it down!

Here's how a few patriotic locals describe Durban; 

"It’s the non-existent Winter that stirs up jealousy around the country as we mosey on down to the beach while they cuddle up around a fire. It’s the slow paced “ya bru, it’s chilled” way of living that has yet to be replicated in any other city. It’s the smile that pulls at the corner of my mouth as I pass a stranger on the promenade who waves as if he’s known me for years. It’s the white dots at the corner of my eyes after sunset cocktails on the Moyo pier. It’s the twinkling lights that scatter over the city as I drive down Argyle Road on a Friday night. It’s the inevitable burnt bodies after a 28 degree day. It’s the smooth concrete under the wheels of my board as I skate through Moses Mabhida on a Saturday afternoon. It’s the meaningless banter on the first Saturday of every month as a group of friends catch up at the I Heart Market. It’s the guy who crowd surfs his way to the front of the stage at Live on a pumping Friday night. It’s the sticky feeling of salt on your skin after a day at Bronze Beach. It’s the sound of 1000-plus people singing “We’re breaking the silence” as Gangs of Ballet tear up the stage at the Mr. Price Pro. It’s the R2.99 Steers ice cream dripping down your hand on a hot summer’s day. It’s jeans and slops. It’s wimpy breakfasts. It’s the ocean. It’s the people.

It’s the vibe." --- Meg Carrie

"Because it's awesomeness is genuine. To experience Durban, you need to EXPERIENCE Durban. It's not a 'glamour without guts' city. It's not throwing itself at you with hyped-up shallowness. It's not deep for the sake of being deep. It's not trying to impress you. It's not trying to be something it's not, or something that another city is. It teaches you to enjoy going outside your comfort zone. It's gems are many and they're closer than you think, often leading to others. It has a quiet but confident hum to it, and it's more than happy to teach it to you." --- Chris Roodt