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Two obvious lessons learnt from my first day in New York City.

PC080025.jpg If you watched my vlog, "A rookie day in New York City" you would've seen how many ridiculous mistakes I knowingly chose to make.  If you missed the vlog, have a laugh; and click here.  Anyway, I don't think I'm the only person in the world who would make these mistakes, so if you're heading to the Big Apple any time soon, have a read and avoid making the mistakes I did.

The two bad choices I knowingly made: 

NUMBER ONE: From previous trips I knew that New York meant A LOT of walking. However, since my inner fashion diva doesn't get to come out and play very often, I decided my week in New York would be my chance to let the inner diva free, you know? Wearing High Heeled Boots and glittery shoes was however a MASSIVE mistake. My desire to wear pretty shoes soon faded when my feet started bleeding. The only good thing it did was force me to visit DSW - an American shoe gem. Designer Shoe Warehouse, massively discounted prices. So of course I went ahead and spent money I didn't actually have on another pair of Nike's I didn't actually need. The following day my Nike's walked me over 100 blocks and my feet were so very happy!

NUMBER TWO: My go-with-the-flow spontaneous attitude doesn't always work. The NYC underground is not as simple as the London Subway. If you don't plan out your route BEFORE you get to the station, you will most definitely get lost and never end up at that amazing brunch spot that the totally cool blogger you follow suggested. Just saying.

So ladies & gents, pack comfortable shoes and take a map (or download a map app that doesn't require data/wifi). For now, that is all. Happy January, and may you never lose your wander! Ash xx