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Things To Do Instead of Play On Your Phone.


Coming from someone that falls victim to countless hours lost by staring at screens I've embarked on being a whole lot more intentional with my time, starting with LESS time playing on my phone. Living in a country that predicts a 'high chance of rain' no matter what season you're in, resorting to taking out your phone to pass time is more common than not, and hours spent scrolling through my Instagram feed happens more than I'd like to admit. So if you can relate, even just a little, join me in taking control back from technology?

  1. Go for a walk. Literally just take a few extra steps you hadn't planned to take. It's not only healthy and good for you, you'll probably stumble on to further inspiration.
  2. Do some 'Home Yoga'. Stream or download a yoga video. Here's a few go-to channels we like; Yoga With AdrieneYoga With Tim and Yoga By Candace.
  3. (Only have a few minutes?) Phone a friend and ask them genuinely, "HOW ARE YOU?". You'd be surprised how a simple call can change the trajectory of someone's day! Be that friend. Be awesome!
  4. Feed Someone. Make a sandwich or grab some food from your fridge and take it to someone you know needs it, the homeless guy you pass everyday on the street is always a good place to start.12636836_10153948603291554_259812428_o "HELP PEOPLE EVEN IF YOU KNOW THEY CAN'T HELP YOU BACK" - Some random Instagram caption. 
  5. While we're on the topic of goodwill. Go through your clothes and get rid of the crap you know you don't need. One man's rubbish is another man's treasure.
  6. Write a short story. 100 words, 2 pages, a whole book. It doesn't need to be good, you don't need to show anyone or instagram it, just do it and see where it takes you.
  7. Make a card for a loved one. It was cool when you were 8, what changed?
  8. Make a list of things you wish to achieve in the next week. Focus, be intentional.
  9. Go visit your nearest art gallery. Even if you've only got 10min, look at a couple pieces of creative work rather than selfies on Facebook. 1507506_10152915115029122_5011227789103422684_o
  10.  Grab a book and go sit in your favourite café for a little while. I try and do this as much as possible, even if I only have a spare half hour, the trick is leaving your phone in your bag so that you don't get distracted and waste 15min on the very thing you're avoiding.
  11. And lastly, one of my favourite things to do with spare time; Research prices and locations for your next trip! Explore! Adventure! Seek out something new! It's not always as expensive as you might think, and if you're researching possibilities as frequently as possible your chances of stumbling upon a good deal and saying no to another £4 beer are a lot higher! Drink less, Travel more!

These points might be completely obvious to some of you, or not at all to others. Either way, I think it's important for us to take a step back from the everyday ordinary and change the comfortable routine we get ourselves in.

Okay everyone, that's all from me for now.

May you never lose your wander!

Ash xxx