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28 Days of 'Stuff That Matters'

28daysofstuffthatmatters-01.pngHello! Happy Sunday everyone! I hope that wherever you are, the sun is shining & you're having a great day... if not, click here > HERE or HERE. Great, now that everyone is smiling, let's talk about STUFF THAT MATTERS! Does everyone remember that one time in 2014 when instagram was full of #100daysofhappiness posts? Or now in 2016 when you're bound to see at least one person posting their #365daysofgratitude? These campaigns really work and not only shift your own mindset into thinking, hey, maybe the world isn't so bad, they end up impacting your friends that see them too!

And on that note, I'm going to start a little challenge for myself. In the 'research phase' of my dissertation I read about some really important issues that I'd love to share with people, issues that I hadn't really thought about until being forced to write an 'academic' piece of writing that involved a whole lotta research. With google, facebook and netflix permanently 'recommending' what we should watch or read, we may be missing out on tons of information that we really should be exposed to.

28 Days of "Stuff That Matters"

...and since I decided to do this yesterday (but forgot to blog about it, ha) the 28th day is on Easter Sunday. Perfect for anyone who forgot about Lent and wants to take anything up. Join me in raising awareness around topics that are important to youuuuu!

For example, my house mate (who is very passionate when it comes to "let's change the world" conversations, which the two of us end up having almost everyday) mentioned the other day how bad Palm Oil is on the environment... I HAD NO IDEA! It just wasn't a fact or piece of information that crossed my mind/newsfeed, however after she mentioned it, a quick google search told me it's a leading cause of deforestation and threat to the survival of tigers and elephants. Cool, let's stop using palm oil then.

Done. Idea sharing isn't difficult. The things we are passionate about should be shared & discussed. Luckily we are all passionate about different things, and we don't all need to agree on the same passionate topics, but the more we share them, the more educated we get on a broader range of topics, right?

Using 5 minutes of your day to post something useful and informative to your facebook or instagram page, or even your blog if you have one, is about the same amount of extra time you spend on the toilet scrolling through your newsfeed. Don't tell me you've never taken your phone to the toilet for entertainment purposes, no one reads newspapers anymore. (Jokes lol, soz if you didn't find that funny.)

ANYWAY! Start giving your friends important things to think about and respond to, let's move away from 'fast-food-posts' that only require a simple like or even, "wow" "love" "sad" click.

OK SWEEET. That's all from me for now, I'm going to get back to my dissertation.

May you never lose your wander friends, whether it's through a new city or exploring a topic you've never really thought about! Ash xxx