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'TIME' day 3 of my #28daysofstuffthatmatters

Hello Day 3! With it being a leap year, and today being our extra day, I thought bringing attention to time would be appropriate. And because our time is so precious, I'm keeping this post under 300 words.. Ready, set, go! Time

BIG QUESTION: What do YOU consider time well spent?

Really think about that for a moment.

FOLLOW UP QUESTION: What important thing will you do with an extra 24 hours this year?

(I genuinely would love to hear your answers to these questions if you have the time to drop me a little message.)

My background thoughts to the above questions;

A paragraph from a book I recently read. Let each line sink in for a second:

"The human nervous system exists in the present tense.

We live in a continuous "now," and time is always passing for us.

Digital technologies do not exist in time, at all.

By marrying our time-based bodies and minds to technologies that are biased against time altogether, we end up divorcing ourselves from the rhythms, cycles, and continuity on which we depend for coherence." -Program Or Be Programmed by Douglas Rushkoff.

Rushkoff speaks of a time, not so long ago, where most of our lives were spent offline and being 'connected' was an intentional act for a couple hours a day where one would have to sit down at a desktop and then dial in through a modem to a server.

"Interruptions now consume 28% of the knowledge worker's day -this translates into 28 billion lost man-hours per annum to companies in the United States alone." source

I hope this little nugget of information has given you something to think about.

And on that note, I hope you always give yourself time to wander. Ash xxx