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Travel, Trends and My Generation. Day 6 of #28daysofstuffthatmatters

Yesterday when I shared day 5's blog link on my personal Facebook page, I mentioned one of the reasons why I started Beyond Paper Planes; "I started it in the hopes of becoming one of those 'cool travel bloggers', but a few months in and I've decided the world needs way more than that."  12822850_10154025393636554_596749295_o

DAY 6: Bringing 'what the world needs' into the 'travel-blogosphere.' A couple weeks ago a good friend and I were having a chat about how popular travel has become. We questioned how and why it has become the 'it' thing to do for our generation. And before I continue, I'm putting a disclaimer out there: YES, I'm aware that I am one of the biggest culprits of perpetual travel and I've considered attending a 'Hi I'm Ashleigh and I'm addicted to travel' meeting but instead of doing that I'm hoping giving attention to this topic will illustrate to more people how important it actually is and, perhaps, start a brilliant conversation within this community...

And on that note, let us proceed.. Important things to think about:

  • Why has travel become so popular?
  • Is travel a new form of 'status'?
  • Has the world of social media made the world smaller and travel more accessible?
  • What is travel doing to our culture?
  • Why don't we consider what travel is doing to the environment?

... As I'm reading over these questions I feel a negative vibe oozing from each question mark and guilt setting in as each new bullet point appears. A definite unease sits within me as I reflect on these questions, and hopefully I'm not alone. Being the creator of these questions, I don't want a negative ooze at all! And since I don't have exact answers to these questions, I want to stress how I'm asking these questions to build curiosity amongst other perpetual travellers that there might be more to globe trotting.

Yes I know the travel and tourism industry has been massive for YEARS and YEARS, and yes it has done brilliant things for many different countries and their economies, for sure!

Facts for you; Global international tourism revenue - $1,159bn Global hotel industry total revenue - $457bn sidenote: Innovations Transforming the Travel Industry

My point with all this?  As a community of travellers, I believe we have both a social and environmental responsibility to think about the 'trend' in travel for this generation and if there is anything we can do to encourage and promote a healthy travel culture. 

Travel for change? Maybe it could be a big thing someday... Either way, it's worth thinking about it.

And of course, never EVER lose your wander! Ash xxx