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The Company You Keep. Day 9 of #28daysofstuffthatmatters

According to Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker & business philosopher, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." This lesson or theory isn't a new one, mom's have been teaching their children about 'reputation by association'/they didn't want you to be friends with that one kid,  since before Gameboy Colour was cool! But here is why this stuff really matters today more than other days.

I am a third year student, with two weeks to go on finishing a dissertation, just under two months to finish my final major project. The choices I am making at the moment will shape the next phase of my life and determine which oyster in the world I end up with. Although all of this is "exciting" and full of "blessed opportunity" and I should be "grateful for this time of my life" - yes I am all of these things, I promise - but at the same, just like everyone else in my boat, I AM A COMPLETE AND UTTER MESS!

My point? The people in my life that I spend the most time with are making this 'grey area' a 'great area' to be in. I'd love to stay and elaborate on how they do this, but as previously mentioned, I have a dissertation to write.

The thing which I want to stress most important is that being intentional about the company you keep is the best possible thing you could do for your future self. Evaluate the people around you and make sure you're happy to become like them, if you're not, it doesn't mean you have to stop loving them, it just means that perhaps you need to be intentional about surrounding yourself with people you wish to be like.

Okay, good luck and as always, may you never lose your wander!

Ash xx