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Trust Your Gut. Day 10 #28daysofstuffthatmatters


How often do you listen to your intuition? That feeling that creeps into your gut and says, "do it!" or perhaps, "maybe don't trust that person?" Recently I have found that following through on the little 'inklings' can prove to be incredibly rewarding.

Another question to think about; do you trust yourself? Really think about that for a second. Would you trust yourself completely to make big choices?

Sidenote: I'm not saying that you shouldn't get advice, advice is brilliant and serves us well, however.... 

Do you ever feel a pull to do something, but don't because you're worried about what people might think? Do you ever walk away from a conversation wishing you had said something more?

Trusting yourself should be the most natural thing in the world, yet most of the time we doubt our choices & the thoughts we have! Why?? If our subconscious is always analyzing and preparing us for that which we might not even be fully aware of yet, surely it can be trusted?

Imagine if you missed out on experiencing the wildest adventure, or the greatest moment of your life because you didn't have the courage to trust you gut?

Sometimes you just know. Trust that your intuition knows what's best for you. Have a little faith in it!

And of course, may you never lose your wander..

Ash xx