Creativity. Adventure. Wholehearted Living.



We arrive in a new city. We uncover it's feeling. For the first time we see it, perhaps from above or from a dark and winding road. We arrive at a particular angle and it taints our view. Our introduction, our meeting has been personal. No one formula for all. Experience is magical and never the same.

Every adventure, every journey, every season holds its own magic. Imprinting on our memories and providing us with references that appear in the future. Sometimes disrupting new perspective.

It's important to fight for the fresh and the new. To seek neutral ground everyday. To open yourself to another view. Allowing for the beauty of new magic to be right.

With each new city, with each new mountain,

or season,

let new feelings reveal themselves to you,

let new roads impact on old thoughts.

... and as always, may you never lose your wander, Ash xxx

[Images: My own. CA, Spring,  2016]