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I'm back! (again)


Hello Beyond Paper Plane blog readers, if you're still out there and happy to read my ramblings, thank you! I'm diving straight in here - with an honest and vulnerable heart, I am not interested in wasting anyone's time. It's our most valuable commodity and in a world saturated by numerous newsfeeds and an overflow of bad news, we need not to be wasting our time on things/activities that aren't contributing in some kind of positive manner. I am not going to write for the sake of writing, I want my blog to be a great space, whether it's informative, inspirational or a little good news & entertainment when we're facing tough days, as long as I'm not wasting anyone's time, we're ok.

I've been really quiet, not posting or pursuing the blog much. Life has done a lot of shifting this year, being 22 will hold title of "Life Changing" and not in the way you would necessarily expect. I've mostly been writing posts and then leaving them in my draft box. I do this when doubt walks in the door, when I forget to see this blog as a great opportunity. Usually when I forget about the creative thrill I get from stringing words together, and worst when I think every post needs to be award-winning content. And really, who am I kidding? It's time to close the door to those thoughts. This blog is my personal creative expression, as some write songs or illustrate beautiful images, I am practising a skill I find joy in, and in the hopes that it can only improve...

This blog originally started as a means for me to chase a dream revolved solely around travel. This dream is shifting and moulding in to a vision entirely new, I don't know exactly what it is, but what I do know if that it is rooted in promises from a seriously good God, and within community of people it will thrive. So by living in promises that are yet to be fulfilled and being transparent with the people around me, I hope inspiration sparks like wildfire and we can just be all that we were meant to be, the world is a very dark place at the moment and it's time we all took a little more responsibility in fixing that. Whatever skills you have, whatever opportunities you have been given, whatever your heart desires, take it and claim it!

Be kind to yourself, there is so much grace. Being creative today is far more valuable than it's ever been before! Address problems with fresh eyes. Work from your heart not from your head. Be bold and knock on the door of your wildest dream, especially if it scares you! Do that thing. Chase it down and claim it as your own. Life is a wonderful process, cultivate and grow in each season! It's wild and exciting, and sometimes we just need a little reminding.

Surround yourself with these reminders, be fussy and never settle on what influences you. In real life and online. We spend so much of our time connected to digital platforms, make sure the people you follow on instagram and the likes are pushing floods of fresh water through you - stale streams of comparison or an awakened desire to covet another's "highlight reel" are destructive and not worthy of your time! Unfollow that crap. Seriously.

And if you're looking for some fresh ideas on who to follow, here are some of my personal favourites. All bad-ass in their own right.

Travel: @sidetrackedmag, @agirlandhervan  and @homesweetvan (#feelthevanlove) Art & Design: @luketonge, @daviddoran_, @liz_ski. (All Falmouth Uni graduates.) The banter & light hearted lols: @butlikemaybe (so silly. but lol) Photography: @shawnogulu, @nicoleeddy Generally rad women & great inspiration: @mphelser, @graceandsalt, @haven.project Products: @thegivingkeys

For now, this is it, but you'll hear from me soon... and until then,

never lose your wander xx Ash