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THANK FLIP IT'S FRIDAY... Discover new music with Ramajamn Jade's Travel Playlist. Interview/Guest Blog


Well internet, I think of all the Fridays the 21st century has faced, the massive sigh of relief that the working week has come to an end (and the world is still spinning) has been felt across all corners of the globe. So to bring you all a little bit of well deserved light, joyful and easy reading, I asked my friend and fellow blogger, Jade, if she'd be interested in a little collaboration...

Jade is in her third year at Falmouth university, studying music. She runs her own blog, writing about things that excite her. Some of these things are music, coffee and travel! Check her out and listen to the beautiful playlist she put together for any travellers spending time on the road or in the sky, or otherwise for anyone looking to be inspired by the beautiful thing that is music!

  • Describe yourself in 3 words...

    Umm… Excited, grateful, coffee!

  • What about music excites you most?

    It’s such a cliché, but music really is a universal language. Every person I meet connects with it in some way and for that reason it’s such a beautiful thing that humans do for each other. It also gives me regular mega fuzzy butterflies and sometimes turns me into a proper weirdo.

  • When do you feel most connected to music?

    Probably at gigs. The idea of being in a room with a bunch of other people that you have this one thing in common with- this person or this band that make you happy. It brings people together. Some of my favourite ever moments- when I’ve felt happiest within myself and with the people around me- have been at great gigs.

  • What would you say to someone eager to study music at a university level?

    Do it! And do everything you can within it: take every opportunity, go to every gig, say yes even when you think it’s pointless. Talk to everyone. Big yourself up. It’s gets your name out there and it means that you get way more than just a piece of paper at the end. Oh and be on time, all the time.

  • How does travel and music collide in your life?

    The two have always been pretty succinct in my mind- in the same way that music is a universal language, it’s also a fast-travelling one, especially pop music, and a big part of being a musician is travelling. Travel has also been historically successful in inspiring some really good songs, and that’s something I really believe in: the idea of travel being pretty much necessary to fuel creativity, even if it’s just to write an album review that I could have finished from my bedroom.

  • With ‘music has the ability to take you places in mind, where has music taken you?

    I think music has taken me everywhere! It was my first true love, and it inspires me to make a lot of big decisions. I first researched Falmouth University because Ben Howard came here… then when I came to the open day for the BA Music course they boasted that he had once done a guest lecture. I was sold! Obviously there are ton of other reasons I came to Falmouth… but my love of Ben kick-started it all.

  • Guilty pleasures. What’s your guilty pleasure song that “Private Session” on Spotify is usually active for?

    I always say I don’t have any guilty pleasures… But I really should turn on that private session more often because my music taste is so terrible! My favourite songs are R Kelly’s Remix to Ignition and Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl. They turn me into Friday-night-after-a-couple-of-wines me, and that’s never a bad thing. We should all embrace our guilty pleasures more!

  • Okay, so we have just entered in to a world where ANYTHING is possible and all dreams come true… Where would you see yourself in 5 years time?

    At the moment, I see my life to hopefully be as busy and ridiculous as it is now. Every day I wake up with fresh inspiration and in complete awe of how lucky I am to be doing exactly what I love, surrounded by a bunch of talented people and with a view of the sea. It’s incredible. I hope, in five years’ time, I’m as happy as I am now, whatever I’m doing, and I wake up every day with an urge to jump up and get working. Oh and I’ll definitely have a beagle puppy by then, right? jade.jpg

My Travel Inspiration Playlist

Songs to get you inspired to get on the move, to make you excited to see new things, meet new people, and push yourself out of your comfort zone for a little bit. To listen to when you’re feeling those silly nerves before a solo trip, or when you’re sat at your desk planning the next adventure.

Ben Howard- Old Pine.

Orla Gartland- Roots.

Bombay Bicycle Club- Luna.

Donovan Frankenreiter- Free.

George Ezra- Blind Man in Amsterdam.

Lulu & the Lampshades- Cups.

Jack Johnson- Breakdown.

Nick Mulvey- I Don’t Want To Go Home.

Beirut- Gibraltar.

Rusted Root- Send Me On My Way.

Thank you so much Jade for sharing with BPP! If anyone else is looking to collaborate, or is interested in starting a creative conversation - shoot me an email,

Jade's blog at: Jade on Instagram: @jamnajade

Thank you to anyone reading for giving this blog a click and reading my thoughts, may you all have a joyful and inspiring weekend despite the world's situation.

And more than ever before, may you never lose your wander! With love, Ash xxx