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Video is the future, right? Well... who knows what the future holds at this point. Either way, video has always been one of my favourite ways to express myself. It's just unfortunate the last three years at university stole this joy from me! So. No more. 


An 'almost' Vlog....

This time last year I tried vlogging for the first time.

I then chickened out because of numerous reasons.

I didn't think I'd be interested in giving it another go becuase, truthfully, the idea of sharing my whole life on yet another form of Social Media wasn't in the least bit appealing.

HOWEVER. (plot twist)

I'm 'almost' convinced to give it another crack so here is a lukewarm five minute vlog from Sunday afternoon with my international friends.. We took a stroll along the beautiful Cornish coastline.

Songs used: Michicant - Bon Iver Hello Sweet World - Gangs of Ballet (Check these guys out, such a rad South African band!)

....more on the topic of creativity and vlogs to follow!

Never lose your wander, Ash xxx