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A key to success: Persistence


A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence. Working out our values through actions will link directly to achieving personal goals, and the success of those filling you deeply are connected not to strength, but to consistency. It is critical to cultivate what matters to you. Pictured here are two things I value deeply, 1) SUPPORT LOCAL - @ohmega_nutbutters are a #proudlysouthafrican brand and make a delicious almond butter!  and 2) Healthy Aesthetics - making healthy lifestyle choices that look aesthetically pleasing. As a creative I find so much joy in well-presented food, even if no one else sees it, taking the time to layout my berries in a perfect grid on my toast, may seem pathetic to some, but it feeds my creative heart, leaving me to feel motivated and often very “myself”. I’ve learned that giving myself enough time to get creative and organized is an important part of how #livingmybestlife 

ItIt is so worth figuring out what this means for you! It will look totally different to mine, but do it! You’re worth the effort!