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The Year of Celebration, a Big Announcement +

“Hello, my name is Ashleigh and I love to party!” — and by ‘party’ I mean CELEBRATE! About a month ago I had my 25th Birthday, and it confirmed that, fairy lights + community = my love language.


After this evening my heart was full and I knew this is a space I needed to pursue. Every year on my birthday I pick three values to cultivate and be intentional about, and this year it was fun, celebration and rest.

And so it was with no hesitation that I agreed to a collaboration with Paperless Post. Quick sidenote: Paperless Post is a beautiful and easy-to-use website for “paperless” invitations, stationery, greeting cards and most recently flyers. All of them beautifully designed with hundreds of options to choose from — some even created in partnership with fashion designers like Kate Spade and Oscar de la Renta.

A friend recently reminded me of the power that celebration holds… As we celebrate, we mark the moment, we invite freedom and healing into our hearts, we cultivate a space of connection and honour. And we receive the much needed energy to keep going. Celebration, and making time for it, is a vital part of creating a life that is balanced and whole.

The invitation from Paperless Post was more than just an invitation to partner with the brand… As I pondered what party or event I could host, my heart immediately reminded me of a dream I’ve been holding for years, never feeling the timing or season was right. It remained on my one-day-i-will-do-this-list. As I reflected on the detail I felt a strong sense that now is the time, an invitation for more, an opportunity to carpe diem and pursue this dream.

The year of FUN, CELEBRATION and REST will now, by no coincidence, be the first year of Retreats (more on this detail later). My paperless post invitations have been sent, the planning has begun and my excitement is building as I await the RSVPs from the ladies that will join me for what will be the very first Beyond Paper Planes Retreat.


Paperless Post is an easy way to create truly beautiful and well crafted invitations for any occasion, big or small! Invite your friends via e-mail or even a link to a whatsapp. Manage your guestlist, track your RSVPs, and make celebration an easy and joyful experience! I love the Flyer I was able to create and would highly recommend using for your next event, gathering, or weekend away!

Remember, celebrate every tiny victory!