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“Intentionality & Surrender”

Tensions Uncovered: Mysterious World | Part 1. “Intentionality & Surrender”

This week I’ve focused in on the beautiful tension between INTENTIONALITY and SURRENDER. Both are a practice I am well rehearsed in. However, neither of them feel anywhere near mastered.

Intentionality matters.

I am a big believer in intentional actions. I’d even go as far as saying “intentionality” is my love language. (For example… I love spontaneous adventures— but I’m the girl that likes to be intentional about spontaneity. You get me? haha) Anyway! The mystery comes in when life asks for us to surrender. This word ‘surrender’ is often understood as a negative as it alludes to passivity for many people. But what I’m starting to understand about the mystery of life is that surrender is a proactive choice of letting go.

This week, I have been reminded of this lesson that I seem to learn in circles, everytime another layer deeper. Surrender is about the posture of my heart, and that posture needs to be trust.
Trust in a plan that is greater than my own because of a belief system that I have. Some days it is a belief system that I’m still having to choose. “Greater things are yet to come”. Surrender is intentionally letting go of the detail, letting go of arrogance and entitlement that communicates “my plan is the best plan” and trusting that God’s plan (and timing) might in fact be far more beneficial to my life. Surrender is not about giving up on your desire, but rather it is about being at peace with the present, and finding joy in what is right now.

The mystery of intentional surrender is full of surprises. These surprises often write a better life story than I/we ever could write for ourselves.  
This week, amongst the madness of transition, big project deadlines and dealing with A LOT of load shedding (#thirdworldproblems) — I am choosing to be intentional about surrender. Practically, this looks like me trying and giving of my very best, and after that, simply trusting that whatever follows is exactly what is meant to be.

If you feel surrender knocking at your door, I dare you to open it wide. I dare you to get intentional about letting go of fear of the future, or doubt, or shame, or self criticism. I dare you to open yourself up to the unknown and the mystery.