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World's Most Beautiful Sunset

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town 2015

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town 2015

I started writing this post a few years ago, and since, it has sat in the “drafts” folder awaiting a time such a this. In the seam of then and now, my fascination with the setting and rising sun has never left me. Often captivated by the beauty of light. Pondering what it is about the ‘first’ and ‘last’ glimpse of that fire in the sky that has us all in awe.

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town 2015

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town 2015

I used to believe that a sunrise was more significant than a sunset… Oh how beautiful it is to grow and learn of a new perspective. How naive of me to miss the other half of its wonder. I saw the mark of a rising sun as hope and life of a day. And at most, I saw the setting sun as a space to reflect and express gratitude.

And while the above is not wrong, the mystery I am uncovering presently is the beauty found in gracefully letting the sun go down. Letting a season, an expectation, or dare I say it, a dream go down or “set” with a heart full of grace and peace brings a freedom that allows for the moon to rise. Letting go, when your heart knows the promises of ‘tomorrow’ brings peace to embrace the present.

Camps Bay Beach in Cape Town is (in my opinion) the world’s most beautiful sunset. The soft, white sand, the mountains that meet the sea, the diversity of accents from people that interrupt the sound of crashing waves… All of it, truly magnificent, a divine picture of natural beauty. This beach, her colours and the feelings that come with it as the sun sets and her colours magnify, a ‘bucket list’ MUST!

The famous and brilliant Maya Angelou writes;

“Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I rise.”

The beauty of a setting sun is the rising of the moon. Nature is my favourite teacher. How beautiful it is to know, that as we dare to live and rise with our whole hearts and selves, we risk and grow in the full range of all that it means to truly love.

My hope and prayer is that we would be a people that see the final glimpse of light as a spark of wonder, the kind of spark that releases freedom over a vast horizon and rising moon, beautiful in its fullness and on-time arrival, awakening new creatures and life in its presence.