Creativity. Adventure. Wholehearted Living.

Permission to practice. Permission to fail.

Giving myself to these gifts has been a great way to open new doors in my life. The fear of failure is threatening to so many of us. Personally, I have faced the idea of failure far more frequently than I’ve ever actually “failed”. So often I have avoided doing something simply because of the “maybe it won’t be good” or “maybe no one will like it”. But as many skilled & successful souls have said: “failure is the signpost on the way to success” and “fail fast, fail often and try again!” I constantly have to remind myself to release the high expectation I put on myself not only because is it crippling to my productivity, but because it literally is like pulling a bath plug on my anxiety. 

Giving myself permission to practice (over and over. consciously every day) is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. So to practice this way of living more consistently & consciously in the hopes of forming a habit, I’ve decided to document the journey in the most fun way I know how.... get ready for the #63daysofpractice instastory, friends! Follow along on my personal account @ashleighjadec  

••• Image source:  @minna_so  

••• Image source: @minna_so