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Seasons of Transition (anxiety vs. rest)


I’m learning that seasons of transition and uncertainty can either be filled with anxiety or with rest, but ultimately the choice is mine... ⠀

I’ve felt so restricted this year, not because I don’t have options — but rather that I have so many. My eyes have been opened up to so many different paths, all of them full of wonder, colour and equally exciting... but none of them come with a 10 year guarantee or fool-proof success plan (insert anxiety and restlessness).

In an attempt to choose rest, I stopped to question where the pressure to “pick one path” has come from?

Is it society and culture?

Is it a narrative I’ve made up in my head?

...and then I felt the whisper, “let’s go explore them all”, “let’s find out what excites you the most”, “let’s figure out what works, and what doesn’t”, “let’s dream, have fun and just enjoy this season together”. Once again, a beautiful encounter with a loving God leaves my heart postured for surrender. The pressure has lifted.

So when the difficult questions come, “what are you doing at the moment?”, often making my mind scramble for the most culturally appropriate answer... I’m going to practice choosing rest. Knowing that even in a season of transition and uncertainty, wonder, colour, dreams and fun can be found.