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11 Ways to live WILD and FREE -without quitting your job, or moving country.

Happy Friday, everyone!

I wanted to end the week with a little encouragement from my heart to yours. In my previous post (here) I shared my heart about living wild and free, being brave and courageous enough to do the WILD things. Living like this is without a doubt a practice. It doesn’t come overnight.

What does it mean to live wild and free? Never a simple answer so I’ll just share with you what this means to me. I believe it is a perspective. To view each day as an adventure is allowing the everyday moments, and often mundane tasks, to come alive with a little more sparkle than they might normally have. To live wild and free is a practice. A rhythm that you build in your life like you would build muscle in the gym. Every small step you take towards ‘wild and free’ will help set you up for the big ones.

Here are 11 ways we can all live WILD and free right now.

  1. Celebrate. Make a list of every tiny victory you’ve had in 2019 so far and mark the moment this weekend. Celebrating is important, life-giving and refuels you to keep chasing down victory in your life.

  2. Find some stars. Remember to look up. Find a stretch of sky that isn’t impacted by the city lights and spend some time stargazing with some friends or people you love.

  3. Practice blind contouring. You don’t need to be an artist to do this. Pick up a pen, grab some paper and without looking down, draw the outline of an object you see in front of you.

  4. Make eye-contact with everyone you see.

  5. Have a technology-free day. Turn off EVERYTHING for an ENTIRE day.

  6. Read a book from cover to cover. Feel the reward of satisfaction in completing something from start to finish.

  7. Dance in a public space.

  8. Find your “why”. Why are you doing, what you are doing?

  9. Release you expectations of what you think adventure “should” look like, and be open to receiving adventure in new ways.

  10. Go a whole day without using the words “I have to..” or “I must…”

  11. Do something for someone else. Without telling everyone on social media. Serve someone in your community. Make your mom some tea. Give a gift to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

11 and a half. Find your own ways to live wildly free and be unashamed to do them!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone, may you never lose your wonder! Ash xxx